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Choose a Plan


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For ViBox and DiBox 1.0 clients

Trial period during first 3 months after ViBox delivery*

For DiBox 2.0 clients (optical performance media set)

Trial period during first 6 months after Dibox 2.0 delivery*

For DiBox 2.0 clients (extended media set)

Unique plan by request, Custom development, OEM Websites for enterprise clients

Sample link
Cutwise platform installation — $25000
Monthly fee — from $2000
Additional ad hoc Cutwise team support and development — per hour rates, by request
Cost per Product Slot (without calculating Optical Performance Scores)
by request
Calculating Optical Performance Scores cost per Product***



by request

Promotion scope

ViBox and DiBox media set:
ViBox 360 video and all images from DiBox 1.0

DiBox 2.0 Optical Performance Set:
Fire, Office and Darkfield video; Table Color, ASET, H&A, Fluorescence photos

DiBox 2.0 extended set:
Standard Optical Performance set + Color lab, Cardboard stereo, 3D TV and Live photos

Product Swap fee (collected for every product over plan limit)****

Archiving fee per product (coming soon)

by request
Included traffic limit*****

by request
Automatic uploading from ViBox, DiBox, HPO
Automatic uploading from DiBox 2.0
Cutwise Embed Player
Stereo View
Cutwise Public Collections
Cutwise Widget
Diamonds search system
Diamond web page
Optical Performance Scores (fire, brilliance, optical symmetry, fluorescence)
Media hosting service
Content delivery network (CDN)
Single Sign-on
Unique domain name
Branding for Cutwise Widget
Branding for Public Collections / Product page
Cutwise design customization